Gabetti Short Rent is born!

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The Gabetti Group – Italian leader in residential and commercial real estate brokerage – has created “Gabetti Short Rent”, the new Gabetti Group brand specializing in short-term rental management in the Corporate and luxury real estate segments. The objective is to enhance the great real estate assets belonging to funds, banks, insurance companies, developers but also individual owners, who can entrust their properties to Gabetti Short Rent so that they can be rented even for short periods.

“We have decided to found a new company in response to a need of our day. – states Emiliano Di Bartolo, Chief Executive Officer of Gabetti Short Rent – In the era of the sharing economy, where access is more important than ownership, the demand for properties to be leased for short periods of time becomes increasingly high. It is important to anticipate trends, for example with Gabetti Corporate Short Rent we will develop corporate real estate units on the high-speed axis, which starts in Turin and arrives in Naples, passing through Milan, Verona, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Rome “.

Gabetti Luxury Short Rent offers services dedicated to private customers for the management in full outsourcing of high quality properties for short rent, specifically: property evaluation, interior design, booking and check-in / check-out management through a portal dedicated, home staging, management of all extra-related services, financial and operation management.

On the other hand, Gabetti Corporate Short Rent offers services dedicated to investors and developers for the full outsourcing management of packages of real estate units destined for short rent. The services offered are similar to those of the luxury segment, with the addition of design consultancy.

Published on: 24 October 2019  -  Filed under: Press Reviews