A Stay in Total Relaxation

Enjoy your stay in total peace of mind!

Policy Easy Rent

For a totally relaxing stay, Gabetti Short Rent offers you the possibility of subscribing to a policy with the amount of €99 that covers up to €5,000 in damages, in addition to the security deposit normally required at the time of booking.
Choose to enjoy your stay in total peace of mind without any unpleasant surprises when you leave.
In addition to the deposit, all you need to do is subscribe to Easy Rent, the Europ Assistance Italia policy that protects you in case of damage to the property.

How it works:
In the event that the apartment is accidentally damaged (ex: broken glass), you will not have to do anything, the repair will be handled by the property and the costs will be borne by Europ Assistance.

Benefits to you:

  1. Coverage on up to €5,000 of damages
  2. Enjoy your stay in total relaxation
  3. No disputes about damages and their amount